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Rock 30 2022 White and Violet

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Why choose our Luxury Semi-Rigids?

Exceptional performance: Our RIBs are designed for top performance. Equipped with powerful engines and sophisticated hulls, they glide smoothly over the water, guaranteeing you smooth, dynamic sailing.

Elegant design: Each RIB is a work of art in itself. Elegant lines, top-of-the-range materials and impeccable finishes testify to the meticulous attention paid to design. Show your distinct style with a boat that reflects your refined taste.

Unrivalled comfort: On board our RIBs, luxury extends beyond design. From plush ergonomic seats to top-of-the-range equipment, every detail has been carefully thought out to provide a comfortable cruising experience, even on long sea outings.

Cutting-edge technology : Experience the convergence of luxury and technology. Our RIBs are equipped with the latest technological advances, from advanced navigation systems to first-class entertainment systems, keeping you connected and entertained at sea.

For those seeking the ultimate boating experience, our luxury RIBs are the answer. Dive into the world of elegance, performance and comfort.

Contact us today to find out more about our exclusive range and book your luxury boating adventure.

From Relaxing Rides to Thrilling Adventures, Our Semi-Rigids Meet Every Need

Whether you’re looking for a quiet coastal getaway or a more adventurous nautical adventure, our luxury RIBs are designed to meet your every need.

  • Coastal Exploration: Enjoy the coastline in the comfort of our spacious RIBs. Exceptional stability and maneuverability let you explore hidden coves and secluded beaches with confidence.
  • Water sports: RIBs are ideal for water sports enthusiasts.
  • Luxury Cruises: Treat yourself to an unrivalled cruising experience. Our spacious RIBs can be customized to include comfortable living areas, elegant kitchens and relaxation facilities.
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