STT Yachting is responsible for the care of the boat and its winter storage.

STT Yachting offers you customized technical services:

  • Transport of your boat.
  • Washing, complete desalting of the boat, hull, engine and all accessories. (à la carte)
  • Winterization, engine service. (à la carte)
  • Storage in a secure shed, plastic cocoon. (à la carte)

We provide maintenance and guarantees for the entire range of Mercury engines in compliance with the brand’s specifications.

We also offer the best solutions in terms of port space for your future acquisition. Whether it is seasonal or year-round, we guarantee the place corresponding to your unit and manage all the relations with the harbors of the area.

We are able to transport your boat in compliance with the strictest safety regulations throughout the Mediterranean. Whether it is land or sea transport, our mission is to satisfy you. Most frequent destinations (Greece, Corsica, Sardinia, Balearic Islands, Sicily)

In partnership with CGI and Atlantique Bail we offer you to finance your new or recently used pleasure boat (invoiced with VAT). The LOA yachting allows to finance boats by giving the customer the possibility to become the owner at the end of the contract. Other benefits:

  • – The LOA is transferable
  • – Your contract is flexible
  • – The LOA is rechargeable
  • – The LOA avoids you to mobilize all your cash: you keep the freedom to concretize other projects.

With Générali, the leading pleasure boat insurer since 1951, you are in good hands! You navigate with complete peace of mind thanks to quality insurance and numerous services dedicated to your comfort.

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